148_4803-300x198Like people, wood is by nature a unique material with varied personalities. Our challenge is to combine these traits in a manner which creates furniture with character. We spend a great deal of time individually selecting and orienting boards for the best combination of grain, figure, and color. Small knots and other naturally occurring irregularities are occasionally left as design elements – testament to the organic nature of the wood.

Because wood is a natural medium, we prefer to preserve its organic spirit by finishing it with natural oils that enhance its true color instead of artificial stains that mask the wood’s identity. We add varnish to the mixture to help repel moisture. This finish allows the wood to mature gracefully, creating a patina that is enhanced by time and use. Our furniture should be used and not excessively pampered. Part of the charm of antiques is that they contain a visual record of the use they have received over the years – respectful use, but not abuse.

We employ hand tools as much as possible in the final shaping and smoothing of wood surfaces. Hand planes, draw knives, cabinet scrapers, rasps, and spokeshaves are utilized to create shimmering surfaces imbued with a character much different than machine sanded wood. Barely perceptible tool marks lend subtle texture. Run your hand across a handplaned table top and you will notice slight undulations – evidence of a hand worked surface. Likewise, the steeply angled dovetails on our drawers and casework can only be achieved with mallet and chisel.

We believe this combination of natural materials and handwork lends an enduring personality to each piece of our furniture. It is designed and built to last for generations. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.