Difficult Clients

One of my repeat clients once remarked that I may not want to work with another potential client she knew because this person is so particular.

My response was that all my clients are very particular. They may not know exactly what they want, but they expect the highest quality finished product. And it may take them a while, and a lot of back and forth, to determine exactly what they’re after.

That’s fine with me. I’m also very particular, and it often takes me a while to discover exactly what I’m after and how to get there. I build everything to order. Materials are expensive and the process is time consuming. It pays to be particular about every step along the way. I can’t afford to produce anything less.

I just finished a custom dining table. The top is an ellipse with tapered edge. The base is a variation of the base on my Parallax Coffee Table. The top required only two drawings to obtain the edge profile the client was after. The base began very differently and necessitated a back and forth between the designer, client and myself that included four sets of drawings and several emails until we got the form and overhang to the client’s satisfaction. That’s all in a day’s (or several days) work. It’s what I do.

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