Paley Park

Paley Park is a little known gem not far from MOMA. It’s one of two privately owned parks in NYC that are free to the public. Tucked into a slot between tall buildings it measures perhaps 50 feet wide by 125 feet. A dozen or more small, round white wrought iron tables and Bertoia chairs sit upon a stone patio. Sunlight streams through the leaves of several thin honey locust trees shedding a dappled texture akin to snowfall. Vines cling to the sidewalls. At the far end a continuous waterfall approximately 20 feet high muffles the sounds of  the city. We’ve visited in summer and late fall and it always has a calming, almost meditative effect. It’s a place where we linger and reflect.

This visit we happened upon one of the caretakers. A kindly man from Queens who unobtrusively straightened chairs, swept and happily volunteered to take our photo and tell us about the park and the people who care for it. He’s been there 18 years. One of his coworkers has been on duty for over thirty years. Although it probably sounds a little corny, they conjure images of Siddartha ferrying travelers across the river, for we feel transported from the din of the city upon entering. The caretaker’s matter-of-fact friendliness lends additional significance to this very special place. If I lived in New York I would make frequent pilgrimages to this special place.

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