Simple But Elegant

My friend Julia Gordon coined this phrase, and it’s become my mantra. Thoreau implored us to “Simplify Simplify”. There is an inherent beauty to be found in simplistic designs, as in nature.

I just lost my train of thought as my 18 year old blasted the guitar riff from Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”… Warren is on our minds a lot, as he is a unique personality (don’t we all think our kids are unique) in that he has little concern for what the world thinks of him. He has his own sense of style, pursues his art (illustration and graphic design) from an uncluttered and unbiased point of view, and lives in the moment – which drives his parents crazy as we have no idea where the future will take him. We continually struggle to let him be as he follows his path, and to appreciate the unique individual, so different than us, that he is as we gently guide him toward the rest of his life. Siddhartha had to learn that with his son.

Uncluttered and unbiased. Living in the moment. He’s telling us something without knowing he’s doing so. The elegant simplicity that lies in an appreciation of now.

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