This is my workspace. Located on two rolling acres at 7600 feet in the Colorado Frontrange, it is my fifth workshop.  When we moved to the mountains we had two prerequisites: southern exposure and open space. Winter here is very long for those in treed land with northern exposure. And as recent wildfires in the hills above Boulder illustrate, living in heavily forested land can be risky.

I finally got to design a workspace from scratch, and decided to keep it simple. It’s a 1500 square foot passive solar rectangle with six sets of French doors facing due south. A 75 year old “new age” friend of my sister-in-law dedicated it with a ceremony I didn’t fully understand but embraced as a positive blessing for this place where I work and create. It’s about 40 feet from my home – far enough to get away and concentrate, and close enough to easily interact with my family.

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